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Arihant Gems & Jewels
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Our Beginning

Awe-inspiring gems have their own brilliance, exclusiveness, and goodness that make them exquisite. Everyone is dazzled by the unparalleled beauty of gorgeous gemstones. Apart from the alluring looks, they are also believed to possess natural healing powers and mitigate the negative energies. Gemstones are highly prized for purity, beauty, durability, and rarity.

Arihant Gems & Jewels, a renowned name for the best quality gemstones have an objective to render 100% pure and spread the radiance of gemstones all over. We deal in all kinds of precious and semi-precious intricately crafted and certified gemstones and jewellery. Arihant Gems & Jewels had been successfully incepted by VIKAS JAIN, Gemologist from IIGJ, with a vision to embellish the world. He is well versed in all the facets of gemstones.

Arihant Gems & Jewels’ mission is to help you get happiness, positivity, and relief through your right gemstones.

What Makes Us Special?
Genuine Gold & Silver Coins
Rare Gemstones
Naturally Energized Rudraksha